Pruning costs, and our patented precision pruning heads can reduce farmers’ pruning costs at a minimum of 80% and as high as 98%. The art of pruning requires uniqueness, as well as highly focused attention. Our mechanized unit provides compatible resources for the operators to complete these types of tasks without arduous hand labor. We have a variety of setups for different trellis systems!

Shoot Thinning

Our VCM Head’s are designed to efficiently balance crop load amongst different vineyards. Machine pruned vines leave a higher shoot density, which is where the utilization of our VCM heads shed light.


Pesky trunk suckering has never been easier to accomplish with our VCM Head attachments. The VCM Heads attach to the unit itself or in conjunction with our single-row tractor mount attachment. We can remove suckers on trunks with heights to 60’’. Keep those drip lines tight with extra clips!


Vmech is a custom manufacturer of vineyard equipment based out of Fresno, CA.

The new Vmech Chariot is equipped with a mixture of modern innovative technology and an old school mechanical infrastructure to provide a new revolutionary tool unseen in the wine industry. The world of viticulture will rely on constant innovation and modern technology to provide growers with a competitive business model when optimizing their fields.

As the seasons come and go, it is clear that the viticultural industry is evolving in its independency from hand labor. No different than the Fords tractor in the advent of the combustion engine in the early 1900’s, there is a clear advantage to mechanization. Where agriculturalists transitioned from manual labor to combines, the viticulturists will transition from hand labor to Vmech.

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Watch the Chariot remove trunk suckers below