The Future of Vineyard Mechanization

General Questions

How is the customer support and access to parts?
We are an American made company based out of Fresno, California. We manufacture all products here in the central valley and have a parts store in Fresno. We understand that when it is time to prune or other applications, time is of the essence. Certain customers operate their machines 18 hours a day. Therefore, we are available 24/7 to ensure the equipment stays running when needed to be.
Needing 3 operators to run the Vmech unit seems to be a flaw.
The difference between a Vmech unit and other single row machines out there is precision. Our equipment is pruning, not just quickly pre pruning to cover acreage. Pruning is an art; therefore, operators quickly grasp how to prune accurately. The uniqueness of the Vmech is the two operators are focused specifically on the task at hand. They are not distracted having to operate a tractor, driving straight in the row, and pruning all together. Also, most landscapes are not flat, therefore with the walking beam axel’s, the Vmech unit stays very still in any landscape setting allowing for a balance application.

Another benefit in the Vmech unit is efficiency. Yes, the unit requires two operators, however we are doing twice the number of acres per day/season than a single row unit. One machine can cover up to 1,000 acres per season.
What trellis types can the Vmech unit operate on?
We pride ourselves on innovation. Our unit is extremely modular, meaning the setup of the machine can be adjusted in many ways to accommodate to each vineyard. Highwire, VSP, and Single & Double Crossarm Quads common trellis systems the Chariot can run in with certainty. Aside from those, we have machines setup for most trellis types. If we need to custom fabricate on the fly to make things work, we are set up to do just that.
How can the cost of the machine prove to be financially viable?
Looking at pruning alone: Cost of pruning in 2020/21 vary from $600 - $1500 per acre. A 500-acre grower will spend upwards of half a million dollars for hand labor or a mixture of mechanical & hand application. The Vmech unit will take care of a minimum, 80% - 98% of this cost depending on the vineyard setup. We have had farmers save over half a million dollars in 60 days alone implementing the Vmech unit in their pruning operation.

Aside from pruning, we have other attachments that connect to the Vmech Chariot to keep the machine busy throughout the different farming seasons. Shoot Thinning, Crown Cleaning, Trunk Suckering & De-Leafing are applications the unit can manage.

Smaller sized growers cannot afford not to look at the Chariot. We have programs in place to ensure a solid plan.
Where is Vmech headed in the future?
We are a proud American company pushing to revolutionize the vineyard equipment industry. Vmech is improving every day and learning from the growers as we go. Each farmer has their own way of doing things, therefore we try promoting a close friendship with our customers to learn and help them transform their business, as well.

Vmech is working with top-of-the-line robotic teams to ensure the most effective tool is provided to growers. Cordon tracking technology is here. Trials are currently being performed, and we have exciting news moving forward that we are eager to reveal.

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